Digital Histology was developed by the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology and the Office of Faculty Affairs, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and the ALT Lab at Virginia Commonwealth University. The concept of Digital Histology was born over two decades ago. The Project Directors are grateful to John Priestley for his creativity, concept designs and dedication, which guided our early efforts in producing the current package.

Project Directors:  Alice S. Pakurar, Ph.D. and John W. Bigbee, Ph.D.
Design Coordinators:  Kenneth Warren Foster, Ed.D. and Thomas W. Woodward, MS
Medical Illustrator: Carole W. Christman, Ph.D.

Terms of Use

Creative Commons License (CC):

Digital Histology is a web-based, open educational resource produced by faculty and staff at Virginia Commonwealth University.  The contents of the package are made available under an Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 Creative Commons License.  By using this program, the user agrees to the restrictions as defined by the above CC license.

All images and text downloaded or copied from Digital Histology must be given proper credit to the copyright holder and indicate if changes were made to the text or image(s). Without obtaining prior permission from the copyright holder, text and images may NOT be used for any commercial purposes (including, but not limited to books for sale, subscription websites or product promotions). If you share downloaded or copied images (either modified or in original form) with a third party, the same CC license applies to the recipient of the shared material.


The copyright for all original images is retained by the Project Directors.  The copyright for all illustrations is retained by the Medical Illustrator.  The copyright for all additional images obtained from other sources remains with the original copyright owner.